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37003 is wholly owned by the Group - that is, by the members. The Committee is elected from the membership, and we have regular general meetings. So by becoming a member, you become a part-owner of the loco, and can have a direct influence on how the Group is run.

What's in it for members?

A copy of our constitution can be downloaded here, as a member you will be required to abide by the constitution.

YOU CAN NOW JOIN - ONLINE! Click here! (If you're old-fashioned that way, and prefer to put a membership form and cheque in an envelope, you can print a copy of the same form.)

We would like to point out that we set our membership subscription rates at a modest level, which covers our basic admin. costs, plus the costs of producing Syphon! Keeping 37003 in top working order is an expensive business, so we do urge our members and supporters to support us further if they can. You can do this either by:

And don't forget to take a look at our Sales department.

You can even support us while doing your ordinary online shopping - at no cost to you!